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Annapurna Circuit Trek Difficulty…

June 25, 2020by admin0

Annapurna Circuit trek is one of the prime examples of trekking in Nepal. It has every feature that a good trek must-have, from natural spectacles to religious and cultural attractions, and so on. The is, however, one downside to the trek, and that is the Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty level. What makes the trek adventurous and exciting are the same features that make this trip tough. Thanks to the Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty, a lot of times this journey is recommended to only the expert trekkers, or at least the ones who have quite a bit of experience trekking.

Trekking in Nepal is an activity that is sure to fascinate you, and Annapurna Circuit trek is not an exception. However, you need to be prepared for all the challenges that the journey might throw at you. Therefore, it’s crucial to know about the Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty before the trip.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit trek is one of the best ways to explore the Annapurna region. The journey allows you to cover the entire region in one go. It would not be an exaggeration to say that tourists from all over the world come to Nepal to trek on the Annapurna Circuit trek route. The trip has gained such popularity among the trekking enthusiasts. The journey is 21 days long, and it covers places such as Dharapani, Manang, Jomsom, and so on. One of the most significant attractions of the trip is the Muktinath temple, a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Despite the fact that it is a Hindu temple, the complex is equally popular among the Buddhists. The area receives hundreds of tourists every year. Yet another significant attraction on the trek is Thorung La. It is a high altitude mountain pass situated at an elevation of 5416 m. This is one of those elements that contribute to making the trip quite exciting. By adding a couple of days to your itinerary, you could also visit Tilicho Lake. It is one of the highest altitude lakes in the world.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Itinerary

On the Annapurna Circuit trek, you will visit so many interesting places and attractions. One of the best things about the Annapurna Circuit trek itinerary is that it can be modified up to a great extent. If Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty is something that bothers you, you can shorten the journey. However, if you’re not quite bothered by Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty, you can make the trip more exciting by adding destinations such as Nar Phu Valley and Tilicho Lake to the base Annapurna Circuit trek itinerary. You will definitely find this trek to be quite flexible.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Itinerary

Annapurna Circuit Trek Difficulty

Annapurna Circuit trek is a wonderful trekking journey, with so many things to see and do during the trip. There are so many natural spectacles and environmental conditions that are sure to give you that sense of thrill and excitement. However, it’s these very elements that also make the journey quite tough. As a matter of fact, the Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty level is marked at strenuous, and it happens to be one of the most challenging treks in Nepal. There are so many factors that contribute to making the Annapurna Circuit Trek difficulty level so hard.

The number one factor that makes Annapurna trek difficulty level tough is the high altitude. During the journey, you will cover so many high altitude places, like Thorung La, Manang, Tilicho Lake, and so on. Now, while these places are beautiful, the weather out there is quite cold. Also, it’s a well-known fact that the higher you go the higher the chances for you to suffer from altitude sickness. And even if you don’t suffer from this one, there is always a chance that you catch cough, cold or fever. There is nothing worse than suffering from conditions as such.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Difficulty

Annapurna Circuit trek spans for a duration of 21 days, which makes it one of the longest treks in Nepal. Now, while all this time allows you to enjoy the attractions fully, it is also something that makes the trek quite tough. Trekking for 5 to 6 hours for 1 to 2 days is a different thing, however, on this tour, you’re required to walk continuously for at least 15 to 16 days, with only one or two days dedicated to acclimatization. No matter how tough you are, the journey eventually breaks the trekker. Soon, it all becomes torture that you just want to get over with.

Yet another factor that contributes to making Annapurna trek difficulty level quite high is the rough terrain that the trekkers are forced to walk upon. Most of the time you’ll be walking uphill and downhill, sometimes on non-uniform stairs steps like terrain, and other times on rocky ones. Provided that the trekker isn’t wearing good quality trekking shoes, the walk is enough to give him terrible pain towards the end of the day. Imagine the same experience day in and day out for the next 15 days. It is for a reason that the trek is recommended only to the experienced.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Guide

Annapurna Circuit trek guide is someone who you need to be accompanied by during the trip to the Annapurna region. If anything, the Annapurna Circuit trek guide contributes up to a great extent to reduce the Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty level. He will give you all the tips to ease the trip. He will serve as the bank of information, constantly telling you about all the attractions that you come across during the trip. If you want to interact with the locals, he will act as your translator and help you get close to them. Make sure to walk alongside a trekking guide on your trip here.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Map

Annapurna Circuit trek map makes you independent. It tells you all that you need to know about trekking in the Annapurna region, whether it be about the attractions or the numerous Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty that you would face along the way. This way, you can stay prepared for all the challenges. Many tourists tend to get their hands on the Annapurna Circuit trek map even before signing up for the trek, as it helps them realize whether the trek is actually meant for them or not. Do carry a trekking map during the journey; you won’t regret it.

Annapurna Base Camp Hike

Annapurna Base Camp Hike or Annapurna Base Camp trek is also known as Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. It is called so for a simple reason that the journey allows you to explore the Annapurna Conservation Area. It is the biggest and one of the richest protected areas in Nepal. During the journey, you will make your way through the lush green forests, often covered in flowers. You will definitely spot one or the other rare birds and animals that call the park home. Attractions like these make the trek worthwhile and offer you a pleasant trekking experience.

Annapurna Base Camp Hike

Two of the main features of Annapurna Base Camp trek are the Annapurna Base Camp and Machhapuchhre Base Camp. These places offer you the most amazing up-close mountain views. The latter even serves as a place to stay. The journey is 12 days long, and during this time, you get to visit places such as Chhomrong, Deurali. Bamboo, and so on. You also visit villages like Ghandruk and Ghorepani and a viewpoint like Poon Hill. With a height of 3210 m, Poon Hill is regarded as the most crucial point of attraction in the entire Annapurna region.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Annapurna Base Camp trek itinerary is also highly modifiable suiting to your needs and interests. There is a longer version of the trek that you can go for. The journey lets you cover the core Annapurna Base Camp trek route and an additional Ghorepani Poon Hill trek route. There is also a shorter version of the trek available where you totally skip the latter one and cover only the former one. Unlike Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty level, that of Annapurna Base Camp trek is quite moderate. This makes the trek fit for all and quite popular among first-time trekkers.

Annapurna Base Camp Altitude

Annapurna Base Camp trek route takes you to vary altitudes. Though the journey keeps you below 3000 m most of the time, you do cover a few high elevation places. Annapurna Base Camp altitude is 4130 m, and it happens to be the highest point in the trek. Yet another high altitude spot that you will get to explore is Machhapuchhre Base Camp. Its elevation is 3700 m. Deurali, a beautiful village, is also situated at quite a height, around 3230 m. Jhinu Danda, where the trek comes to an end, is the lowest point in the journey. It is situated at an altitude of 1760 m.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Map

As the Annapurna Circuit trek map helps reduce the Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty, the Annapurna Base Camp trek map also makes the trek easier. The map allows you to explore the villages in the region on your own, and also go for side treks. Annapurna Base Camp trek map is the greatest treasure for the solo trekkers, and it helps them discover all the hidden features in the region, and explore them on their own, without depending on anyone. It is a must for a trekking enthusiast to get their hands on the Annapurna Base Camp trek map before the trip.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu Valley trek is one of the most exciting treks in the Annapurna region. The best thing about this trip is that you could either explore the entire Annapurna Circuit along with Nar Phu Valley, or you can explore just a small section of Annapurna Circuit trek with Nar Phu Valley. Needless to say that the former option is quite challenging and capable of bringing any trekker to their knees. Nar Phu Valley trek is a 19 days long journey, and during this time, the trekkers walk for around 11 days. Around two days are spent for acclimatization on this trekking trip.

There are so many wonderful places that you cover during the trip. They are the villages of Nar, Phu, Koto, Meta, and so on. On the trek, you also get to cross Kang La, which is a high altitude mountain pass situated at an elevation of 5322 m. Nar Phu valley is known not just for its natural beauty, but also for its religious attractions. You will find a deep influence of religions such as Buddhism and Bon-Po in the region. The latter is an ancient Tibetan faith. Since the area is quite close to Tibet, you will surely notice a lot of cultural influences on people.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Annapurna Circuit trek offers you everything that a good trek does. The attractions are scattered everywhere. There are so many of them that many trekkers tend to take a trip to the region a second time to ensure that they’ve not missed anything. Now, it’s very important that you keep a track of the difficulty level of any trek that you embark upon, and Annapurna Circuit trek is no different. Finding out the Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty level always keeps you well prepared and allows you to have realistic expectations about the journey. It is definitely a must-try journey.

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