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Special Festivals Trek

The Special Festivals Trek, Nepal is a diverse country with varying landscapes, rich bio-diversity, and diverse cultures of the people residing in it. Each community holds its unique cultures and traditions which they have been following for centuries. Each of them has its own set of beliefs and Nepalese festivals to celebrate. No wonder Nepal is called the land of festivals. Every day is a day of celebration for one or the other community.

The best part of all is one’s pride in one’s own culture and respect for others. This is why these numerous cultures and Nepalese festivals are harmoniously coexisting in Nepal. Nepal is a country with an abundance of historic, cultural, and diverse ethnic traditions. Which could be one of great attractions for tourists from every corner of the world. Different specific regions of Nepal are inhabited by a particular community each with a different culture and religion; most regions for trekking in Nepal. Similarly, there are inhabited by various ethnic groups of Mongolian decent people who follow Tibetan Buddhism.

There are Hundreds of Special Festivals in Nepal

Likewise, Festivals Of Nepal is one of the most integral parts of their community; they vary from culture to culture in different regions of Himalayas. There are some of the festivals of Nepal that are celebrated all over the country such as Dashain, Deepawali, Chhat, Buddha Jayanti, Christmas, Mani Rimdu, Tiji, Maha Shivaratri, Holy and many more. Moreover, amongst, Mani Rimdu festival and Dumji festivals trek in the Everest region and the Tiji festival trek in Mustang has been very popular today. All the festivals celebrates in Nepal have fixed date or month to be celebrated that is basically set by an astrologer following the lunar calendar.

However,  Himalayan Trails Trekking & Climbing (P) Ltd takes you to the remote villages of Nepal. Where you will be greeted by local people merrily dressed in their traditional wears. Whilst you are there you will have an opportunity to witness the culture, art, and music associated with the various celebrations. Those who took on the challenge can also expect the majestic views of the mountain peaks, scenic beauty, incredible natural scenery, and so forth while they are on festival trek.